TRACK RECORD 2015-2016

We have had a rare distinction of producing excellent results in the B.Sc. / B.Com/ M.Sc. examinations of Kannur University, in all subjects offered in the college, during this academic year also.

Track Record

Class Toppers

Name Departments Grade
AISWARYA K MSc Mathematics 91.3%
GOKUL V I B.Sc Physics A+(3.8)
ALINDA JOSEPH B.Sc Maths A+(3.82)
FAREEDA E K B.Com A(3.63)
APARNA K B.Com A(3.63)
RAJEEV C NAIR BSc Computer Science B+(3.38)

Percentage of pass

Course Percentage
B.Sc Physics 100%
B.Sc Computer Science 82%
B.Sc Mathematics 94%
B.Com 95%
B.B.A 100%
M.Sc Mathematics 100%
MCom 95%

Students who qualified for higher courses through National level Entrance Examinations

Name Course University / Institute
Gokul V I M.Sc Physics IIT – JAM, CUSAT
Kevin Roy M.Sc Physics IIT JAM,Hyderabad University
Vipin C K M.Sc. Physics IIT - JAM, CUSAT, CUCET, NIT
Adarsh U K M.Sc. Physics IIT - JAM
Ashna B M.Sc. Physics IIT - JAM, CUCET, NIT
Anila Sagar M.Sc. Physics IIT - JAM, NIT
Amal Pavithran M.Sc. Physics Hyderabad Central University
Anuvind O M.Sc. Physics Hyderabad Central University
Arjun K M.Sc. Physics Pondicherry Central University
Aswathy Benny M.Sc. Physics CUSAT
Amaljith M.Sc. Physics Madras University
Abina C MCA Pondicherry Central University
Akhisha P MCA CUSAT,Pondicherry Central University
Anila Sukumaran MCA CUSAT
Anjana P C MSc Computer Science CUSAT
Anjo P Joseph MSc Computer Science CUSAT
Aparna T M MSc Computer Science CUSAT
Rajeev C Nair MCA,MSc Computer Science CUSAT
Sumin E MSc Computer Science Pondicherry Central University
Shilpa A MSc Computer Science CUSAT
Vismaya mol C Jose MSc Computer Science CUSAT
Amal C Saji MSc Computer Science CUSAT
Athira Viswambharan MSc Mathematics CUSAT
Sebin Abraham MSc Mathematics Pondicherry Central University