PO 1. Critical Thinking

1. Acquire the ability to apply the basic tenets of logic and science to thoughts, actions and interventions.
2. Develop the ability to chart out a progressive direction for actions and interventions by learning to recognize the presence of hegemonic ideology within certain dominant notions.
3. Develop self-critical abilities and also the ability to view positions, problems and social issues from plural perspectives.

PO 2. Effective Citizenship

1. Learn to participate in nation building by adhering to the principles of sovereignty of the nation, socialism, secularism, democracy and the values that guide a republic.
2. Develop and practice gender sensitive attitudes, environmental awareness, the ability to understand and resist various kinds of discriminations and empathetic social awareness about various kinds of marginalisation.
3. Internalise certain highlights of the nation’s and region’s history. Especially of the freedom movement, the renaissance within native societies and the project of modernisation of the postcolonial society.

PO 3. Effective Communication

1. Acquire the ability to speak, write, read and listen clearly in person and through electronic media in both English and in one Modern Indian Language
2. Learn to articulate analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of situations and themes in a wellinformed manner.
3. Generate hypothesis and articulate assent or dissent by employing both reason and creative thinking.

PO 4. Interdisciplinarity

1. Perceive knowledge as an organic comprehensive, interrelated and integrated faculty of the human mind
2. Understand the issues of environmental contexts and sustainable development as a basic interdisciplinary concern of all disciplines.
3. Develop aesthetic, social, humanistic and artistic sensibilities for problem solving and evolving a comprehensive perspective.

Bachelor of Business Administration Programme

PSO 1: Gain knowledge and skills in the areas of Management principles and practices, finance, human resource management and marketing
PSO 2: Acquire knowledge in accounting principles and practices and its application in real business settings
PSO 3: Apply concepts, theories, tools and techniques of statistics, information techniques, economics and numerical skills for decision making
PSO 4: Build entrepreneurial spirit, develop research attitude and entrepreneurial competencies and managerial abilities

Teaching Staff

Adhoc Faculty

About the Department

The college started offering BBA Course From 2013 onwards. Till 2016, BBA course was handled by faculty members of Commerce department which was referred to as department of commerce and management studies.
As 3 seperate teaching posts were sanctioned for BBA program by the government in 2017, three teachers joined the department of commerce who exclusively managed the affairs of BBA course thereafter. Since then, even though we continued to offer both B.Com and BBA programs under the same department, owing to the focussed approach, we could make remarkable progress in the academic and co-caricular performance of BBA students.
In 2020, Kannur University accorded sanction for the bifurcation of the department and henceforth management Studies started functioning as an independent department with 3 permanent teachers and 1 guest teacher. Since then the Department has been making steady progress in ensuring the holistic development of the students through a perfect blend of academic as well as non-academic initiative

Department Alumni


The department has computer lab with 20 desk top computers with internet facility. There is a well stocked department library for students pursuing M.Com programme.

Results of previous year (2016):

  • Number of students registered : 26
  • Number of students passed : 26
  • Pass percentage : 100
Grades Number of students
A+ 0
A 0
B+ 5
B 17
C+ 4
C 0
Year Name Rank / Grade
2001 Nisha AP I
2004 Jisha Sebastian I
2005 Shabeer K III
2006 Joice Jose II
2007 Kadeeja P.K. III
2009 Sreejima P & Roney P Mathew III
2010 Priyanka P III
2011 Faizur Rahman A+
2012 Vimal Nambiar B
2013 Sameera K R B
2014 Anjali K K A
2015 Sanva P A
2016 Fareeda E K A
2016 Aparna K A
2017 Athira M College Topper
2018 Anju E.S College Topper
2019 Adithya K College Topper
2020 Anamika P v College Topper
2021 Anusree K College Topper
2022 Anu K M College Topper
2023 Abhishek Ajith P P University First Rank

Highlights of programmes organized:

  • Inauguration of Commerce Association and Seminar on Stock Exchange Trading.
  • Interface with a successful entrepreneur.
  • Data collection for an international study on “Migration to UAE” partnering with IIM, Ahmadabad.
  • Classwise PTSA meetings.
  • Seminars/Workshops on the following topics.
    • Placement Readiness Workshop.
    • Seminar on professional courses like CA, ACCA etc.
    • Seminar on MBA courses.
    • Awareness class on Higher Education.
    • Career guidance seminar.
    • Seminar on Commerce related career opportunities.
    • Personality development class.
    • Orientation Programme on CMA course.
    • Seminar on Indian and International Courses.
  • One day Seminar in association with IQAC
  • Inauguration of Commerce Association and Seminar
  • Interface with an entrepreneur
  • Interface with a Manager
  • Inter Collegiate Management Fest ‘La Excellencia’
  • Organized 11 talks in association with various Professional organizations during the year.
  • Organized a one day Regional Seminar as part of the inauguration of Commerce Association.
  • Career guidance classes 5 Nos. for Final Year students with the help of Professional Organizations
  • Regional Seminar – 'Magnum Opus' in connection with Commerce Association inauguration.
  • Onam and X'mas Celebrations.
  • Send off function for final years.
  • Inter Collegiate Management Fest – ‘Le Emperoz’.
  • Two day Regional Seminar – ‘A Break through – From Dream to reality’ in connection with commerce Association inauguration.
  • Seminar on ‘Paradigm Shift in Banking’.
  • Seminar on Entrance Exams in association with “TIME” Kannur.
  • Seminar on ‘Higher Study opportunities’ in association with Logistic Institute, Ernakulam.
  • Inter Higher Secondary School Business Quiz.
  • Career guidance workshop for Higher Secondary school students.
  • Felicitation to the commerce students who became runner up in the All India Inter Collegiate Management Fest.
  • Felicitation to Rank Holders/Toppers in the University B.Com Examinations.
  • Study Tour
  • Two Day Regional Seminar - 'Commerce Expo'.
  • Inter Higher Secondary School Quiz Contest.
  • Onam and X'mas Celebrations.
  • Send off function for final years.
  • Study Tour