Dr. Swarupa R

From Principal's Desk

It is cliche to say that higher education in India is at its cross roads. With major changes being introduced to the Higher Education system under the New National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, it is certain that we are heading for a far reaching - change in higher education- for good or for bad. However, a close look at the key goals of the New Education Policy gives the impression that it aims at favourable evaluation through the proposed radical changes. Under the newly introduced four year undergraduate programmes with flexible entry and exit options, the main focus has been on holistic learning. It envisages to make higher education more student centric, giving students options for shorter and more skill oriented certificate courses, professional diplomas etc. along with the degree programmes. This might help students to go beyond the knowledge of the subject domain. So, with graduation they are empowered enough to pursue a profession.
However, the new implementations are not without apprehensions either. With timely recognition, let us hope, this will also be addressed.
Being a forward looking institution of higher learning Mahatma Gandhi College is also committed to keep pace with the changing trends in the new normal. Through professional development initiatives, we need to encourage our educators to retrospect and update in order to stay relevant.
This, I feel, is most important to help our young learners to develop a mind set of resilience and adaptability in the vortex of such a whole lot of changes…..