About the Department

The Physical Education Department coordinates the sports and physical education activities which help students to perform well in the sport and games events at University, State and National level. The Department in collaboration with recognized institutions and trainers give coaching / training to students in various games like football, cricket, softball, chess, badminton, power lifting, table tennis, handball, athletics, fencing, swimming etc. The college has infrastructural and instructional facilities to coach / train students in sports and games considerable investment is made every year to purchase quality equipments.

The college teams participate in inter collegiate tournaments. Many students are selected to the university teams. College also promote intramural competitions to promote sports culture on the campus.

  • Multi purpose Stadium for athletics, football, softball, cricket.
  • Basketball Court
  • Volleyball Court
  • Handball Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Well equipped Gymnasium
  • Indoor facility for Table Tennis, Chess
  • Books and Periodicals related to Physical Education in General library

Highlights of programmes organized:

  1. World Yoga Day on 21st June 2019
  2. National Sports Day & FIT INDIA MOVEMENT Programme
  3. Fitness Class for students
  4. Dept organized the following Programmes

  5. Elevens Football, Chess, badminton, Futsal, Cricket and Table Tennis Competitios during this year.
  6. College participated in the following intercollegiate competitions at Kannur University:
    • Archery(Men)
    • Kabadi (Men)
    • Table Tennis(Men)
    • Weight Lifting
    • Football – Men
    • Badminton – Men and Women
    • Athletics – Men and Women
    • Yoga – Men and Women
    • Cricket – Men
    • Softball – Men & Women
    • Chess – Men and Women
    • Kalaripayattu (Women)
  1. Sharon V(III BCom) and Yadhu Krishnan (IBBA) were selected to Kannur University Teams.
  2. Softball (Women team) got 2nd position in Kannur University championship. Anugrah TP Archry 3rd PositionArchana PV Kalaripayattu 2nd position and Anagha K Athletics Triple jump 3rd position
  3. Annual Athletic Meet was organized on department basis. Amaljith PS (National Softball Player & Kannur University Softball coach) inaugurated the meet.
  4. Avinash (II BSC Maths) and Bilna Sebastion(BCom) were the individual champions in the men and women section respectively.
  • Conducted coaching camps in various sports and games events.
  • Participated in the following intercollegiate competitions :
    1. Fencing – Men and Women
    2. Football – Men
    3. Badminton – Men and Women
    4. Athletics – Men and Women
    5. Yoga – Men and Women
    6. Cricket – Men
    7. Softball – Men
    8. Chess – Men and Women
  • University Team members :
    1. Anil P. Antony (Fencing) and Niranjan (Softball)
    2. Arun N. V. and Niranjan participated in the State Junior Softball Championship.
    3. Anil P. Antony won third place in the state fencing championship.
  • Annual Athletic Meet was organized on department basis.
  • One day Seminar on the topic ‘Sports and Wellness’ in association with IQAC.
  • Inter Collegiate Competitions in :
    1. Table Tennis (Men and Women)
    2. Yoga (Men and Women)
  • The Department trained students for participating in 12 Inter Collegiate Championships in various events.
  • Conducted Annual Athletic Meet.
  • Intra mural Competitions.
  • Anil P Antony and Arun.N.V. were selected to Kannur University teams.
  • 4 students participated in State level sports competitions in various Games.
  • Organized Kannur University Inter Collegiate Chess Championship (Men & Women)
  • Participated in the following Inter Collegiate Tournaments and won Medals.
  • Soft ball (Men) – II Position.
  • Athletics :
    • Merlin Thomas – won I Place in short put and II place in Hammer Throw.
  • Fencing : Mr.Anil.P.Antony has won II place in Fencing competition and also won III place in the State Senior & Junior fencing championships.
  • University Team Members :
    1. Anil.P.Antony - Fencing
    2. Nithin Kuttan - Softball
    3. Subin Sudhakaran - Softball
    4. Abith.K.P. - Softball
    5. Akhil.K.P. - Softball
  • Intramural competition in various events have been organized
    1. 3-A side Volleyball
    2. Chess
    3. Football
    4. Badminton shuttle (Men/Women)
  • Our boys and girls participated in the following Inter Collegiate Championships.
    1. Soft ball (Men)
    2. Soft ball (Women)
    3. Volley ball (Men)
    4. Athletics (Men and Women)
    5. Badminton (Men)
    6. Badminton (Women)
  • Best Physique Competitions :
    1. Merlin Thomas – (Athletics – II Place)
    2. Preethesh.K. – (Athletics – III Place)
  • University Team members :
    1. Jubin Thomas
    2. Haritha Hari
  • Intramural Competitions were conducted in various games.
  • Annual sports day was conducted on 1st March 2013.
  • Conducted Kannur University Women Volleyball Championship
  • Participated in the following Inter Collegiate programmes.
    • Soft ball - Women and Men
    • Volley ball - Men
    • Cricket - Men
    • Badminton - Women
    • Athletics - Women and Men
    • Best Physique - Men
  • Organized Inter Collegiate Men and Women Soft ball championships.
  • Ms.Merlin Thomas won gold medal at state level championship.
  • Mr.Shinil Kuriakose won gold medal in the state Masters Atheletic Meet.

Department Info

Head of Department

Dr Nisa M.
Assistant Professor