• Be clean and decorous in dress, decent and polite in language and behaviour.
  • Respect your elders and teachers.
  • Courteous behaviour towards students of the other sex becomes a true ‘mahatma Gandhian’.
  • Do your best to maintain the peaceful academic atmosphere of campus.
  • As soon as the prayer bell is heard, pray till the next bell, standing still and observing perfect silence. This is the best way to begin the day’s work.
  • Do not disfigure the furniture, windows, doors and walls with draw- ing, engravings and writing.
  • Remember that you are here primarily to study. You don’t gain anything and the college is discredited when petty political bickerings are carried in to the college campus.
  • Transact business in the college office in a manner becoming of college student patiently and politely.
  • Students shall not organize or attend meetings other than official ones on the campus without the permission of the principal.
  • Any damage done to the college property will have to be made good.
  • Ragging is prohibited by law. Students who engage in such activities will be dismissed from the college.
  • Outsiders shall not be permitted to meet the students on the college campus without the permission of the Principal.
  • Any student or group of students, in the name of strike or agitation cannot prevent the staff or the principal from carrying out the duties. Stringent disciplinary action will be taken against such students.
  • Use of mobile phones, tablet pc and cameras are strictly prohibited on the campus.
  • The Principal may impose the following punishments where ever necessary.
    1. Fines
    2. Cancellation of attendance
    3. Forfeiture of educational concession and scholarships.
    4. Suspension
    5. Expulsion
  • Students are expected to spend their free hours in library. They should not loiter along the verandas
  • The principal will keep in touch with parents or guardians of the students who are very backward in their studies and whose attendance is very inadequate and conduct unsatisfactory. If the parents or guardians do not respond or do not take any interest in such matter the principal will take appropriate action.
  • No student shall indulge in any activity which may cause disruption to classes or disturbance in the college campus. If any student violates the above regulation, he is liable to be dismissed from the college.
  • Any issues which are not covered by these rules will be decided by the principal.