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Department of Physics

About the Department

The Department started functioning in 1995.The then Principal of M G College Prof. M.P. Lakshmanan was the only teaching faculty in the Department. Later in 1997, Dr.K.V. Devadhasan joined the Department. During 1997-1999-Dr. Santhosh Chidangil served as faculty at M G College. Presently he is head of Department of Atomic & Molecular Physics –Manipal University. In the year 1998 - Sandhya .C.V joined as faculty. From 2001 to 2007-Harikrishnan.G has been a faculty member of M G College. Presently he works at Govt College, Madappally. In 2009, Sapna .P. joined the department.


B.Sc Physics


Laboratory Facilities

Lab facility is unique. It is well equipped and spacious. For the last 15 years, each student does an experiment individually i.e. each student has an experimental set up. This enables him/her to understand clearly what he/she is doing and the related problems.


The Department provides books and other reference materials to students. This helps them to prepare for PG entrance examination conducted at prestigious institution of higher studies like IIT,IISC, different central universities etc.

Department Info

Head Of Deptarment

Ms. Sandhya C. V
Associate Professor


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Results of previous years :


  • Number of students registered : 30
  • Number of students passed : 30
  • Pass percentage : 100
Grades Number of students
A+ 1
A 18
B+ 8
B 2
C+ 1

Rank Holders/ Academic Toppers of the Departments

Year Name Rank / Grade
2002 Maneesh Mathew III
2004 Sanitha P S II
2005 Vimal Thomas I
2005 Priyanka C II
2005 Dhanya M P III
2008 Priyanka Mathew I
2009 Jilna Mohan II
2009 Vikram Kamaljith III
2011 Haseena T S A (3.52)
2012 Aswini Hareendran A (3.73)
2013 Pranav Chandran A (3.87)
2014 Cynla Ciril A (3.76)
2015 Nipun Chandran A+ (3.83)
2016 Gokul V I A+

Highlights of programmes organized


  • Science Exhibition at Chettiamparamba Government UP School.
  • Lab exposure programme for high school and higher secondary school students.
  • Inauguration of Physics Association and Seminar.
  • Class wise PTSA meetings.
  • Alumni meeting.
  • Jais Tom Memorial Quiz competition for College, High School and Higher Secondary School students.
  • Organized intercollegiate Physics Quiz Competition in association with APT.
  • Organized ten invited talks on various topics in Physics by the alumni as the part of the student enrichment programme.


  • One day seminar in Physics with the help of IQAC.
  • Physics Association inauguration and Seminar.
  • Physics Exhibition at UliyilL.P.School.
  • Jais Tom Memorial Quiz Competition for College, High School and Higher Secondary School students.
  • All Kerala Physics talent Examination.
  • Organized 6 talks on various topics in Physics by Alumni as part of student enrichment programme.


  • Seminar on ‘Medical Physics’ by Mahesh.M.C., Senior Medical Physicis.
  • General talk on Higher Studies in Physics by Dr.Shinto.P.Mathew, Post Doctoral fellow, Weigmann Institute of Science, Israel.
  • Class on ‘Basic Physics’Jimin George, Research Scholar, Fermi Lab, USA
  • All Kerala Physics Talent Examination – 28th September 2013.
  • Seminar on ‘Microfluidics & Medical Application’ – by Dr.DileepMampallil, University of Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.
  • Physics Colloquium – 24th January 2014.
  • Seminar on ‘Fibre Grating & Its Applications by Linesh Nair, Assistant Professor, Government College, Mananthavady.
  • Talk on ‘How to become a good scholar’ byProf.M.P.Lakshmanan, Former Principal of the College.
  • Jais Tom Memorial Quiz competition – A programme conducted in memory of Jais Tom, Former student of the College, by the Physics Department and Physics Alumni.


  • Seminar on ‘Micro Fluidics’ by Dr.Dileep.M.A. (Alumnus) Post Doctoral Fellow University of Twente, Netherlands.
  • Seminar on ‘Sun’s Magnetic Field’ by Anjali John.K. (Alumnus) Research Fellow, National Astronomical Observatory, Japan.
  • Seminar on ‘Magnetic Materials and Spintronies’ by Vineesh Attadappa (Alumnus), Asst. Professor, Amity University, Haryana.
  • Interaction with Alumni on various topics. The following Alumni participated :
    1. Nithin.M. - Geophysicist, USA
    2. Jains Tom - Research Fellow, IIT Madras
    3. Vikram Kamaljith - IIT Delhi
    4. Manu George - Research Fellow, PRL, Ahammedabad
    5. Robins Kurian - Hyderabad Central University
    6. Shibi Thomas - Research Fellow, Calicut University
  • Physics Association Inauguration.
  • APT Talent Examination .


  • Seminar on 'Medical Physics' in connection with Physics Association inauguration.
  • Interdepartmental Quiz contest.
  • SAPE Quiz - Inter Collegiate Quiz Programme.
  • ATP Examinations.


  • A Seminar on 'Astronomy' in association with 'Astro' Payyannur.
  • A Seminar on 'Atmospheric Science' in connection with Physics Association inauguration.
  • A Talk on 'Holography' by Jais Tom from Defence Research and Development Organization(DRDO).
  • Lecture on 'How To Prepare For Various Entrance Examinations' by Febin Kurian ( Research Scholar Germany).
  • A Talk on 'Career Options of B.Sc Physics course in Navy and related fields' by Nirmal Jose Abraham (Air Traffic Controlling Officer Mumbai).

Achievements of former students

Many students got admission for M.Sc in prestigious institution like IIT (Bombay,Madras),Hyderabad Central University, Pondichery Central University, CUSAT. More than ten students have completed their Ph.D and a few students are doing post doctoral research . Many students are doing research and post doctoral work abroad. Nearly fifty of our alumni are working as teachers in colleges and schools. In addition to scientific research and teaching, many are working in various nationalized banks and at different Government offices. A few are employed in private firms in India and abroad.