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Knowledge Centre

As part of the effort to inculcate the habit of research even among the community at large and also students following Distance Learning Programmes, an innovative project named ‘MG Knowledge Centre’ has been established. The facilities and resources available on the platform provided by MG Knowledge Centre enliven the urge for more knowledge and kindle the research interests of all people concerned including regular students, faculty members, students following Distance Learning Programme and people belonging to the local community. As and when needed, the faculty members will extend the support to the people who seek intellectual and information assistance at the MG Knowledge Centre with the ultimate purpose of turning the college into the true beacon of knowledge and guidance for all.

During 2018-19 following programmes were organized:
  • NSS volunteers arranged tuition classes for students in rural area of Punnad NSS volunteers identified school going students form the rural area and arranged special coaching to improve their studies. Small groups of students are formulated and volunteers meet them on Sundays and holidays.
  • Physics Lab visit on 4 th October 2018 by students and teachers of Govt. UP School Uliyil.
  • Physics lab visit on 11 th October 2018 by students and teachers of Sarada Vilasam AUP School Parikkalam
  • The teachers and students of Govt. UP School Uliyil are assisted by the students of B.Sc. Physics to familiarize the equipment and experiments