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Institutional Distinctiveness

The college was established in 1995. Since its inception it has been doing its best to cater to the needs of the society by developing itself as a premier institution in the remote place of Kannur district. It also serves the social needs and tries to uplift the living standards of the rural youth by imparting higher education and foster an enduring sense of discipline among them.
The best example for the good governance and leadership starts from its management. The very composition of the management of the college can be sited as an example for good governance and leadership that can be emulated by any organization.. The willingness to stand together for the common cause shown by all major political parties and leaders of this region is the basic source of strength of the society and the college. It can be cited as a sterling example which can be emulated and modeled by other regions of our nation for attaining greater development and the quality of excellence in social life.

Admission Commmittee :

The Manager, the Governing Body, the Principal, Heads of various Departments, Coordinators of different Curricular and Co-curricular committees provide effective leadership enabling the college to fulfil its motto “Excellence in Learning and Commitment to Society” which is a pointer to its vision “To be a centre of excellence that aims at the evolution of the students into physically fit, intellectually competent and socially committed citizens” and also its mission “to attain academic excellence and be an accessible institution that imparts quality education to aspiring students”. The vision and mission of the institution are a reflection of the objectives of the National policies of higher education, such as moulding human resources to meet contemporary challenges. The institution’s vital concern is to strengthen the inner potential and emotional quotient of the students.

In accordance with the vision of the college, the following programmes are organized during 2018-19.

  • Exhibition of Gandhiyan Literature during the Gandhi Jayanthi Week with the auspicious of college library.
  • NCC initiated the Onam Kit Distribution to the deserved of the locale
  • Campus cleaning activities by NSS and Bhoomithra sena
  • Student counselling centre provides facility for personal counselling for students with the help of professional counsellors.
  • Yoga and stress management centre organizes yoga and other programmes in order to help students to free their mind from unwanted stress and strain.
  • College Research Committee encourages the Research activities on the campus. Actions have already been initiated for the publication of the Research Journal “The Quest’ during the year.
  • Financial support to the needy students by Alumni Association