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P.K Muralidharan Memorial Trust

                Sri P.K Muralidharan had been an inspiring presence of the Mathematics faculty who made a unique mark of his own through academic excellence and personal benevolence among the students and the staff of M.G College . His promising life and career was cut short when an accident put an end to his earthly existence in 2001.

                 Instituted by Sri. Ramkumar in memory of his son,  Sri. P.K. Muralidharan memorial Endowment Fund envisaged the following activities for the welfare of the student  community.

Secretary:      Dr.Ajitha.V.           –          (HOD Mathematics)   

Members  :      Dr.Bijumon.R.          –          (Asst. Professor in  Mathematics)

                        Mrs. Haseena.C       –          (Asst. Professor in Mathematics)

                        Mrs. Priyanka    P     –          (Asst. Professor in Mathematics)

                        Mrs.Jimly Manuel     –          (Asst. Professor in Mathematics)

                        Mrs. Maya P V         _          (Asst. Professor in Mathematics)

                        Ms. Vidya T M         _          (Asst. Professor in Mathematics)

                        Sri.Valsaraj.K.         –          (HA)