MG College iritty

Yoga & Stress Management Centre

Yoga and Stress Management Centre

The centre functions under Physical Education Department. It organizes Yoga and other programmes in order to help students to free their mind from unwanted stress and strain.o-Ordina

Co-ordinator :     Ms. Hitha Hareendran    -   (Asst. Professor in Physical Education)

Members       :     Dr. K.V Devadhasan           -   ( HOD, Physics )

                            Mr. Jithesh K                     -   ( Asst. Professor in Computer Science )

                            Mrs. Geetha C                   -   ( Asst. Professor in Commerce)

Info Bank

Info – Bank

College Info-Bank acts as the Information Centre of the College. They keep all the relevant documents regarding the progammes/

activities, organize in the Campus.

Convener : Mrs. Priyanka P        -  (Asst. Professor in Mathematics)

Members  : Mr. Rejeesh.E.            -  (Asst.Professor in Computer Science)

                  Mr. Sunil Kumar.K.M.      - (Librarian)

                  Mr. Abdul Lathif.C.         - (Typist)

Folklore Club

Folklore Club

Folklore Club Functions in the Campus with a view to introduce folk art and culture to the Campus in association with Kerala Folklore Academy.

Co-ordinator:   Dr. Sheeja N               _          (HOD, Malayalam)

Members      :   Dr. Meera M                 -          (HOD Hindi )

  Dr.RejiPaikattu             -          (HODEnglish)

  Dr. Aneesh Kumar K     -           (HOD Statistics)

                          Mrs. Maya P V             -           (Asst. Professor in Mathematics)

Highlights of Programmes organized :



  • Organized the ritual Art ‘Kalamezhuthum Pattum’ on the campus in connection with Folklore day celebration.


  • In association with Kerala Folklore Academy organized the performance of the traditional Folk Art ‘Mudiyettu’


  • Painting Exhibition.

Medi Care Centre

Medi-Care Centre

The College Medi-Care Centre ensures general health facilities for the Staff and students. It also plans and oirganises general health awareness programmes, Medical Camps etc. in the Campus. It also organizes health related Community activities for the public.

Convener  :       Mr.Rejeesh.E.            –   (Asst. Professor in Comp. Science)

Members  :       Dr. Swarupa.R              –   (Asso. Professor in Commerce)

Mrs.Anupama.M.           –   (Asst. Professor in Computer Science)

Mrs.Priyanka P              –   (Asst. Professor in Mathematics)

Mr. Jayaprakash P

Mr. K V Pavithran

Highlights of Programmes organized :

  • Free Wheel chair Mission
  • Talk on Palliative Care
  • Anti Drug awareness programme
  • Words of Solace – Paliative Day programme
  • World  Cancer Day Programme
  • Support for Kaniv Project
  • Blood Donation Camp.
  • Blood Group Detection Camp
  • Survey on Medicinal Plants
  • First Aid Kit
  • Blood Donors Forum


  • Poster campaign on World Blood Donor Day
  • Poster campaign on National Doctors  Day.
  • Blood Group Detection Camp in association with Blood Bank, Thalassey Government Hospital.
  • Blood Donation Camp in association with Blood Bank, Thalassey Government Hospital.
  • Formation of Anti Drug Club as per the direction from The Excise Department, Kerala Government.
  • Varalle Eevazhiye’ – Anti Drug awareness Programme in association with Excise Department .
  • Yuvajana Jagratha Yathra– Anti Drug Awareness street Play in association with Kerala State Youth Welfare Board.
  • ‘DAWN’ – Organ donation campaign and acceptance of consent forms .
  • Training Programme on First Aid
  • Free Wheel Chair Mission in association with Green Leaf Agri Horticulture Society.
  • Blood Donors Forum: Award For Blood Donation  District Blood Bank awarded a memento to the College Blood Donors Forum for donating 115 units of Blood for the year 2013.  The college became the 2nd largest donor of blood in a single year in the district.
  • First Aid Kit:maintaining a First Aid kit in college


  • Poster Campaign against Hepatitis-B
  • Awareness Seminar on Monsoon Diseases
  • Medical Camp at Iritty in association with ‘Green Leaf’ Iritty
  • Free Wheel Chair Mission Programme : Distributed 10 wheel chairs to Disabled persons.
  • Awareness programme against Cancer
  • Blood Donation programme. 


  • Blood group detection camp
  • Awareness seminar on blood donation
  • Eye test camp
  • Blood donation camp
  • Financial aid for treatment
  • Help for cardiac surgery
  • Free Wheel Chair mission
  • First aid Kit
  • Blood donors Forum 

      2010 - 2011

  • Blood group detection camp.
  • Aid to Disabled.
  • Homeo Medical Camp
  • Free Wheel Chair Mission
  • Blood Donors Forum
  • Positive Talk on AIDS - AIDS A DEADLY DISEASE
  • Free Artificial Limb
  • Financial Support for Bone Marrow Transplant surgery
  • First Aid Kit

        2009 - 2010

  • Awareness Seminar Against VIRAL FEVER by. Dr. G.Sivaramakrishnan from Govt. Health [Homeo] department.
  • Homeo Preventive Medicine Distribution against VIRAL FEVER for Students.
  • Homeo Preventive Medicine Distribution against VIRAL FEVER for Public.
  • Blood group detection camp with technical assistance from St. Mary’s Bio Lab Iritty.
  • Awareness Seminar Against H1N1 FEVER byDr P.P Raveendran from Govt. Health  Department.
  • Awareness Programme Against  LYMPHATIC FILARIASIS byDr P.P Raveendran from Govt. Health  Department.
  • Preventive Medicine Distribution against LYMPHATIC FILARIASIS.
  • Awareness Programme Against Diabetics.
  • Free Wheel Chair Distribution Mission- A life time project of Medi Care Centre.
  • Blood donation in various Hospitals.
  • Maintenance of First Aid Kit for the benefit of students.

       2008 - 2009

  • Free Medical Treatment for selected patients belongs to the ST category.
  • ‘Vision for All’ project.
  • Free hearing Aid distribution.
  • Free Wheel Chair Distribution Mission.
  • Blood group detection Camp.
  • Blood donors day celebration.
  • Blood donation awareness seminar.
  • Blood Donation to various Blood banks.
  • First AID Kit facility.
  • Immunization awareness seminar.
  • Free eye test and Cataract Surgery camp for the public.
  • Special Eye test and surgery camp for Kids.
  • AIDS awareness Seminar.

Environment Club (Nature Club)

Nature Club

Organize programmes/activities with a view to promote the habit of energy conservation and environment protection and thus, Keep the campus clean and green.

Convener :      Mrs. Priyanka P           -           (Asst. Professor in Mathematics)

Members :       Dr. Shijo M Joseph         -           (HOD Computer Science)

                        Dr. Sheeja N                  -           (HOD Malayalam)

Mrs. Maya P V                _          (Asst. Professor in Mathematics)

                        Mr. AbdulLatheef.C.                     –

Highlights of Programmes Organized:


  •  Clean Campus programme
  •  Nature Camp
  • Survey on Medicinal Plants
  • Nattuvaidyan at your ‘Courtyard’  and a survey on Medicinal Plants
  • Nature photo and poster exhibition.
  • Students also participated in seminar on Bird watching at Kannur.


  • Nature appreciation Camp at Aralam Wild life Sanctuary.
  • Green and Clean Campus Programme


  • Nurturing  the College Garden
  • Planting of Saplings
  • Nature Quiz
  • Poster Campaign
  • Clean Campus progrmme
  • Focus - A photo Exhibition
  • World Water day campaign


  • Protection and nurturing of Lawn and .