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December 26th: red letter day for the alumni association.

December 26th of every year is celebrated as the College Alumni Day. Every former student looks forward to that day to meet at our college to show solidarity to their alma mater. It is a day of much fun, florae and entertainment. No word can express their majesty and glory of this big event. Alumni sangamam happens every year.  The old students come together, analyse the previous year’s activities, conceive plans for the succeeding year and come up with new projects. The function is always followed by a ‘Snehevirunnu’ arranged by the Alumni Association which is enjoyed by all the alumnae. Alumni Sangamam provides an opportunity to share the past memories and new experiences. During the afternoon session, department wise alumni meeting arealso organized.


As a joint venture of the The Alumni Association and CGP Cell a career oriented one day workshop was organized for the final year degree students.Sri.Ramees from CIGI Counselling Centre was the resource person. Separate exclusive classes were conducted separately for the B Sc and B Com students. The class was designed to provide and inculcate awareness in the students about higher studies and employment opportunities after graduation. Around 60 BSc students and 30 B Com students attended the class. Principal, Dr. M J Mathew inaugurated the function. Dr. Swarupa R, Convener, CGP Cell welcomed the gathering and Rejeesh E, Dept of Computer Science delivered the vote of thanks. Sri Mohanan K, JS and Sri Vinod M K, President, Alumni Association felicitated the occasion. Students opined that they greatly benefitted from the workshop and could get a lot of information regarding the allied areas of their study.

A one day workshop was organized under the auspices of Alumni Association in association with CGP Cell on the following topics.

(a)  Motivation and Attitude

(b)Time Management and

(c)  Communication Skill.

Two renowned resource personnels, Mrs. Preetha Varma and Mrs. Judith Kutty from SB Global Educational Resources Pvt Ltd engaged very interesting class on the aforesaid topics. The maximum number of students was limited to 80 with two groups of 40 each.

          The function was inaugurated by Mrs. Preetha Varma, following which Principal, Dr.M.J.Mathew addressed the audience.  Dr.Swarupa.R., Convener, CGP Cell welcomed the gathering.  Dr. K V Devadasan, Associate Professor, Department of Physics felicitated the occasion. Sri. Sunil Kumar, Librarian proposed the vote of thanks. 

The Alumni Association in association with Centre for Information Guidance, India (CIGI), Kozhikode and CGP Cell organised a one day seminar on higher studies and career opportunities for the final year students. The resource persons for the day were Sri. Ramees and Sri Latheef from CIGI and Dr. Dileep M A, our Alumni from Physics stream.


The programme was flagged off by Dr. M.J Mathew. The session was chaired by Dr. Swarupa R, Convener, CGP Cell. Sri. Vinod M K, President, Alumni Association and Dr. Dileep M A offered felicitation on the occasion.Sri.Rajeesh E Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science welcomed the gathering and Sri.BijuJohn.T., Secretary, Alumni Association proposed the vote of thanks.

A work shop on ‘Tips And Techniques Of Facing An Interview’ was organized for the final year students by Alumni Association and CGP Cell. Mrs. VijiniSuraj from Kaizen Blitz Social Research and Development Pvt Ltd took class on topics like personal interview; group discussion, presentation etc and gave suggestions on various things a candidate should take care of while appearing for an interview like, dress code, body language, postures, etc.


The official inauguration session was presided over by the Principal  Dr.M.J.Mathew.   CGP Cell convener Dr.Swarupa.Rwelcomed the gathering.Sri.Rajeesh E Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science proposed the vote of thanks.  Sri. Sunil Kumar, Librarian offered felicitation. At the end of the session, feed back was collected from the students. 

With love and gratitude, Alumni Association bid adieu to Sri. K Mohanan, Junior Superintendent of the college, who retired from service on May 31, 2014. By serving the college for the last 19 years as the Junior Superintendent, Sri K Mohanan has become an integral part of Mahatma Gandhi College. He had toiled hard to gain for M G College ‘a fame and name of its own’. As the office superintendent, he has shown his administrative power and efficiency in managing things. As a devoted officer he has made indelible mark in his hearts of everyone alike at Mahatma Gandhi College. Let us record our deep sentiments of love and gratitude to him and the Alumni Association wish him a happy amd blessed retired life.

A one day workshop was organized under the auspices of Alumni Association with the theme ‘Success through Excellence’. The focal intention of the programme was to acquaint our final year degree students with the skill of C V preparation. It also aimed at preparing the students for attending an interview with the needed confidence and boldness. Sri A Anoop, the leading national trainer of Jaycees was the resource person.

The student aid cell functioning under the alumni Association, in association with the Students Welfare Cell organized a one day seminar ‘Journey towards Excellence’. The Principal, Dr.M.J.Mathew inaugurated the programme. The seminar had two sessions. Sri.Sudheesh. P, National trainer, Jaycees in a mind blowing session gave the students tips to excel themselves. The theme of the topic was‘Excel yourself’. The afternoon session dealt with the topic, ‘Train your Brain’, handled by Thomas Panthaplakkal, National trainer, Jaycees. The session refreshed the minds of students through memory techniques. Around 64 students attended the seminar.

A programme with a difference. In collaboration with ICFAI, a programme was conducted to provide information to the outgoing students regarding the immense vista of job opportunities awaiting them and also regarding the highly potential steam for higher studies. 

 To help students to horn their individual skills.During vacation, the Alumni Association organized the following two programmes.

1.            ‘Step into Step up your English’- April 26, 2006 to May 9, 2006.

2.            ‘CUSAT Entrance Coaching’ -  April 26, 2006 to May 10, 2006.


Around 15 students participated in each of these programmes. Sri. Ravikrishnan, Lecturer, University Teacher Education Centre, Mananthavady handled Communicative English classes. The students who attended the classes made a good performance in interviews and some of them were got placements. All the students who attended the Entrance Coaching class got admission at CUSAT and other reputed institutions.    

The competitive Exam Coaching Centre of the Alumni Association organized a one day seminar named ‘Step Ahead’ for the final year degree students, so as to provide relevant information on the opportunities in career and in higher studies, on 18th November from 10am to 2pm. Sri. Mujeebullah, CIGI (Career Information and Guidance Institute) counseling centre handled the class. He delivered lecture on higher studies and career opportunities for BCom and BSc students separately and on general prospects. The entry was limited to 100 students. After the class he found time to clear the individual doubts of students regarding career prospects and admissions in various educational institutions. 

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